La Sinagoga de Moses Ben Maimon
El Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretario del Consejo Supremo de Antigüiedades, ha anunciado que la restaurtación de la Sinagoga de Moses Ben Maimon finalizará en junio del 2010. La restauración forma parte de un proyecto nacional, con la intención de resturar diez templos judíos en Egipto. `Estoy irgulloso de decir que estos templos pertenecen a Egipto´, dijo el Dr. Hawass, agregando `tenemos que cuidarlos´´.

The Temple, located in el-Gamalia, Old Cairo, had been the subject of one year of study before the restoration work itself began in June this year. Due to the high water table, and the need to wait until the sewage system in the area had been improved, restoration work could not be conducted until this time. Since work began, the walls and ceilings have been reinforced, the floor has been isolated from the water table, and all cement -the product of previous bad quality restoration work - has been removed. The doors, windows and chairs of the temple have also been restored, and the dirt and debris that had built up within has been removed.

The synagogue was declared an antiquity in 1986 due to its historical architecture and religious importance. It is dedicated to the important Jewish scientist Moses Ben Maimon, who was born in 1135 AD in Cordoba, Spain, but who died in Egypt in 1204. This man was very influential in the study of mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy, and acted as private physician to Saladin.

Fuente: Zahi Hawass News
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